Participad enables realtime collaborative editing in WordPress. It’s powered by Etherpad Lite.

Participad has three modules Рthree different ways of integrating Etherpad Lite into your WordPress installation, each of which can be turned on or off.

  1. Dashboard – The Dashboard module puts Etherpad editors into the WordPress Dashboard. Participad removes the “Visual” and “HTML” tabs from the standard WP editor, and replaces them with a “Participad” tab.
  2. Frontend – The Frontend module allows users to edit WordPress content from the front end of your website – no Dashboard required. Participad modifies the Edit links on your posts and pages so that, instead of leading to the Dashboard, the static content of your post is swapped with an editable Etherpad window.
  3. Notepad – The Notepad module enables a new WordPress Post Type called Notepads. Notepads are collaborative note-taking documents, which can optionally be linked to existing static posts or pages. Participad provides several shortcodes and widgets that make it easy to create new Notepads from the front end of your website.
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